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Executives, producers, promoters, musicians, authors, actors, lifestyle experts and journalists agree ...

"I have the deepest respect and admiration for Randy Alexander's abilities in the difficult world of public relations, and in developing a symbiotic relationship with all vehicles of media. I yield to no person in the depth of my opinion."
— Kal Rudman, founder and owner, the Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB), and top level philanthropist
"I love Randy's passion and energy. With that kind of enthusiasm, not only does his firm make you feel like you're their first priority, but the proof is in the results they deliver time and again. If you want someone to rely upon to get the job done quickly and efficiently, Randy is your guy."
— David Fishof, CEO, Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
"He tackles publicity like an all-star middle linebacker; he's intense, focused and doesn't let up, and always gets the job done, regardless of any obstacles. Yet people love and respect him. He's my nomination for 'Publicist Hall of Fame'."
— Bill Rogers, President, BRE Presents
"He's the Lenny Dykstra of publicists. He goes to the wall and gets it done."
— Susan Werner, recording artist
"I have to say you do a great job for your clients. Even though we don't cover music, I've read a heckuva lot more in your e-mails than in most of the pitches that do apply to 'Soup' land. Keep up the good work."
— KP Anderson, executive producer, "Talk Soup," E! Network
"Randy Alexander has represented me for several years now and I can honestly say he has arranged more interviews and reviews for me than anyone has in a very long time. He wholeheartedly works on a project, making that person feel extremely special. He is trustworthy and loves his work and his clients with a passion. A true professional in every way, he is gifted in knowing how to publicize totally different talents. For me, he is someone I can rely upon to do a great job and do it well!"
— Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Singer and Painter
"Randy is an artist's dream publicist: committed, knowledgeable, well-connected and respected within the industry, with a great sense of how to spin a story to maximize exposure. He has what so many corporate publicists are missing these days: heart and tenacity. He worked with me on my second CD, Luna Roja (Requinto Records), as well as my first two novels, Chasing The Jaguar (HarperCollins) and Keep Sweet (Simon & Schuster), and he did a great job on every project. Plus he's cool, down to earth ... and he knows where to get the best cheese steaks in Philly!"
— Michele Dominguez Greene, Emmy nominated actress/author/musician
"Randy Alexander is thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with!"
— Jamie Roberts, Vice President, Media & Artist Relations, Roadrunner Records
"RANDEX is not only one of the top indie PR firms on the East Coast, but one of the most professional, efficient and overall great-to-work-with publicity houses in all of show business."
— Chuck Darrow, Gannett News Service
"MUCH more organized than any other book publicist I've ever worked with!"
— Jim DeRogatis, NPR "Sound Opinions" Host/Chicago Sun-Times
"I never could have hoped to have reached the markets I did without Randy's assistance and guidance. The exposure he's gotten me on TV, radio and in newspapers across the country lifted me to the next level in my career."
— Anne Chertoff, Lifestyle Expert/Brides Magazine
"One of the best things about working here has been working with you. You are a true-blue publicist, one of the best, most dedicated ones I've met, and I've met a shitload. Keep up the good work."
— Geoff Gehman, Allentown Morning Call
"Like a Bulldog, Randy never quits until he gets the job done."
— Larry Goldfarb, Talent Buyer, Tin Angel listening room, Philadelphia
"Randy Alexander should change the name of his company to 'Grand Slam Publicity.' He hits a lot of home runs."
— Neil Drucker, Owner, Record Cellar Records
"Randy Alexander is a true gem, a rarity -- he's a HARD CORE MUSIC FAN making his living as a publicist! While that may seem like a strange thing to say, it's true. Many people I work with are not up on what's out there today, NOR are they educated as to the classic stuff. Randy always has his ears wide open and therefore - in all the projects we've worked with together - he has a keen sense of exactly what writer or press avenue would be appropriate for my various bands. Randy knows the key writers closely in every market. He's simply one the finest publicists I have had occasion to work with. His depth of knowledge about many styles and genres gives him the inside track."
— Andre' Cholmondeley, Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa; Tour Manager, Al DiMeola Project
"The author and the editor would both like to express their extreme gratitude to Randy Alexander of Randex Communications for going way above and beyond the call of duty to make last minute arrangements that made this article possible. And when we say last minute, we're talking inside sixty seconds. We owe you the next battery for your cell phone, Randy."
— Rusty Pipes, Cosmik Debris Magazine
"A publicist we love talking to 'cuz he works you like a rib."
— A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia City Paper